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The 25-Dinner Rotation

What are we going to do for dinner? If that’s a question that you dread with every fiber of your being, it appears you are not alone. During my classes, particularly my newest offering, Stress-Free Weeknight Meals, I’ve noticed that knowing how to cook is really not the issue for most people. Instead, it’s knowing what to cook that often hangs us up, wastes our time, and sucks the joy out of cooking dinner.

I feel your pain. So much so that I have started working on a solution to this problem, (which will be coming soon!). In the meantime, take a look at this list of 25 Dinner Ideas. When it comes to meal planning (and thus, knowing the answer to the question above), the first step is generating a list of dinner ideas that you can refer to, and I think 25 is a great number to get you started. If you eat 4-5 planned dinners per week, this will take you through at least a month. And, heck, if we can eat something different every night for a month, I’d say we’re doing just fine.

When making your own list, obviously stick to meals your family likes, preferably loves. Or, if you’re trying out new recipes, make them things you think your family has at least a reasonable chance of liking. I can’t say all members of my family love every meal on this list (my son hates carrots so he gets extra salad and bread on Carrot Soup night), but for the most part, these are all well-liked and in some cases (Meatball Soup, Frittata Pizza) adored meals around here. This list might not fit your family’s tastes exactly, but I hope it provides inspiration for at least a few healthy, tasty, and easy family dinners.

25 Dinner Ideas
(Recipes for the first 22 of these are on this website. Simply type in the name, or part of the name, in the “search” box below. Or you can click here for easy links to all the posts. For the final three, you’ll have to come to class.)

  1. Chicken with Cauliflower & Cilantro
  2. Leftover Hamburgers Pasta
  3. More-Broccoli-than-Potatoes Salad
  4. Salmon with Red Curry Sauce
  5. Simple Roast Chicken
  6. Broccoli Spaghetti
  7. Bacon-Wrapped Fish with Vegetables
  8. Ground Beef Stroganoff
  9. Sautéed Pasta & Kale
  10. Meatball Soup
  11. Chicken Posole
  12. Sliders
  13. French Omelets
  14. Sautéed Asparagus Pasta
  15. Curried Brown Rice & Chickpea Salad
  16. Carrot Soup
  17. Farro Risotto
  18. Salmon with Sticky Rice
  19. Tortilla Pizzas
  20. Happy New Year Soup
  21. Pasta with Melted Zucchini Sauce
  22. Mushroom & Poblano Pepper Enchiladas
  23. Frittata Pizza
  24. Braised Chicken & Vegetables
  25. World’s Easiest Wedding Soup

Anybody have any favorite meal ideas they want to share? If so, please post in the Comments. Thanks in advance from the hungry, cranky dinner-makers of the world!

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This post has 2 comments

  • MadDogMom says:

    What’s for dinner? is the single most vexing question of my day. I’m going to try out the zucchini pasta recipe. My husband can’t tolerate red sauce, which is severely limiting!!

  • Bevin says:

    So sorry to hear about the red sauce aversion — that is severely limiting. Although he might like MY red sauce…!

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