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Basket Case

My first trip to the farmer’s market this spring was, ahem, somewhat fruitless. I bought a few Roma tomatoes and saw (but skipped) some sad-looking bok choy, but it’s generally still too early for local fruits and vegetables in the Rockies. So, this time of year, our farmer’s market is more like a gourmet food and crafts festival, which is still pretty fun. Everything is basically local, even if it’s not necessarily fresh. For my Colorado-based readers, here’s a sampling of what you can get at the farmer’s market this week—and I assume you have some version of this stuff at any similar venue across the country—so it’s definitely worth checking out and supporting whatever local producers do show up this time of year.

Here’s what’s in the bag:

  • The aforementioned organic Roma tomatoes.
  • One jar of Grandma Rose’s Gourmet Caponata. Delicious and vegetarian, it’s more of a relish than a sauce. I don’t know if Grandma Rose jars it herself, but there is a picture of her on the label and she looks a little worn out.
  • One package Chicken & Spinach Bratwurst from Bavarian Sausage Express. They are fully cooked (frozen) and contain no nitrates or other fillers. If you order enough, Herbert might even bring the sausages to your house; we had them for a party once and he showed up in his lederhosen with a cooler of brats.
  • One hunk of Fresh Semi Soft Lemon Pepper Garlic goat cheese from Mini Moos, a goat dairy in Cañon City. Crumbly, tangy, and excellent in salads.
  • Duck breast prosciuttinni and French dry (sec) salami from Il Mondo Vecchio — handmade, artisanal, and crazy-good cured meats that aren’t full of nitrates.
  • A bag of roasted Hatch green chiles, which are not really local since they come from New Mexico—but man, they turn scrambled eggs into heaven on a plate and fall into the category of “worth it” in terms of a few extra food miles.
  • One baguette, which my kids gnawed on all the way home. I love French bread and especially like the way baguettes look sticking out of the market basket, et vous?

So, worth a morning, no? I love the idea of an al fresco antipasto-style supper, and think I now have a good start on the ingredients for it. Although the wind here might blow away my salami…

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