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Giving Thanks

“This food comes from the earth and the sky. It is a gift of the entire universe and the fruit of much hard work; I vow to live a life which is worthy to receive it.” — Grace of the Bodhisattva Buddhists

At the beginning of every class, while we’re sitting in sukhasana, my yoga teacher always says to “give silent gratitude for all the blessings in our lives.”

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Sit Down and Save Thanksgiving

Let’s not give those big-box retailers reason to think that we want Thanksgiving turned into a mere prelude to Black Friday, which, let’s face it, has become a holiday devoted to celebrating consumerism and the desire for more more more.

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Remembering to Give Thanks

This morning I drove my son and some of his classmates to deliver holiday meals to less fortunate families. The folks who opened their doors for us were so thankful for a turkey and a box of Stove Top stuffing.

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Thanks, Thanks, and More Thanks

kitchen boxesThanksgiving kind of snuck up on me this year.

How can that be, you ask? I mean, food and family-dinner fanatics usually don’t space out Thanksgiving, right?

I’m not making excuses (well, yes I am), but I’ve been living in the self-absorbed bubble that is buying and renovating a house; prepping,

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