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Last-Gasp-of-Summer Salad

The glorious weather pattern we’ve had for the last week or so—eighty-fifty, eighty-fifty, eighty-fifty—won’t last forever, I know. This time of year, I try to appreciate every beautiful day, because tomorrow it might be snowing (also beautiful too, of course, but not. Quite. Yet.). I also know that with every passing

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Too Much of a Good Thing

Or, how not to waste all that beautiful local produce you couldn’t resist at the farmer’s market.

I love going to the farmer’s market this time of year. Not only is it a fun destination for a family bike ride and weekend breakfast, but of course there’s all this amazing fresh

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Chard is Good. No, Really

Chard is GoodIt’s one of those “dark, leafy greens” we’re supposed to be eating like 10 times a day. And you may have eaten it before and wondered why someone was serving you stringy weeds that taste bitter get stuck in your teeth. But I promise Swiss chard can be really

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Love: Strawberries (and my Favorite Strawberry Salad)

A few weeks ago I started making a list of all my favorite things to eat. I was doing this partly because I had thought of including it on the “about me” page on my new website (which is coming very soon, yay!) and partly because I love making lists, especially

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What People Say
“Bevin's cooking class was both informative and delightful, While cooking a delicious meal, we had a lively discussion about important issues such as how to make healthy meals for our families on an ongoing basis.”

Kathleen, mother of two, avid golfer
Cherry Hills Village, Colorado