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The Weekly Winter Mobilization (plus Ratatouille Sliders Recipe)

Being in the beautiful mountains every weekend sure takes a toll on family dinner. Usually I enjoy spending a Sunday afternoon poring over cookbooks, planning meals, and even grocery shopping, but that’s just not happening much these days.

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Life After LaLa Lunchbox

lalalunchboxWhen it comes to technology, I’m not exactly an early adopter. My beloved yellow Filofax still sits proudly on my desk, and I’ve never even used my car’s fancy built-in navigation system. I have plenty of gadgets though (who doesn’t these days?), and every once in a while, I discover a use for one

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Mad Dog Mom’s Killer Balls and Bars

Wow, it’s a snack bonanza this week here on Real Life Delicious. Today’s guest post is from my good friend Helen Olsson. Helen’s awesome blog, Mad Dog Mom, chronicles her adventures in parenthood, which have included taking her three kids backcountry skiing, llama trekking, and on multi-day camping trips before they

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When In Doubt, Add Bacon

I had a fantastic group of women here for class last week. They came with many different food concerns, from how to make family dinners less stressful when everyone is so busy to whether or not we all should be buying organic chickens. If there was one common theme among all

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Now Offering Catering Services!

If you're hosting a special party, birthday dinner, or baby shower and don't have the time or energy to plan and cook the meal, I can help! Get the scoop on my new small-event catering services Here!

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