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Salad of the Week: Fresh Corn with Bacon & Potatoes

I needed salads — vegetables mixed with things — that keep. I need things I can just spoon into a container, because during that time in my morning, I can’t really be expected to think, create, and assemble.

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Homemade Wontons: Why? Here’s Why.

Making wontons is really, really fun. And it reminded me how worthwhile cooking with your kids is — they get to learn something, be exposed to a food they might not normally eat, and hang out with their mom somewhere besides soccer carpool.

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Sweet Freedom

Remember how you felt as a kid on the last day of school? I was almost surreal, right? I mean, three months — THREE MONTHS! — of vacation is too long to even get your head around really. Now, as a mom, my feelings aren’t that different. I get choked up

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The Snack Battle

One of the food-related things that seems to vex moms more than any other is what to give kids for after-school snacks. I am right there with anyone who struggles with this. It took me a while — an embarrassingly long while actually — to realize why my kids were always

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