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For Your Viewing Pleasure


In case you weren’t sitting around eating bonbons and watching TV at noon yesterday, here’s the segment featuring me on “Colorado’s Best.” (It’s kind of long, so you might want to get comfortable and grab some bonbons before you hit the play button.)

On the show, I made three of my

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Small Things Considered

Small Things ConsideredI know it’s a stretch to write a food blog post and even attempt a segue from the news about the passing of Steve Jobs, but here it is: Mr. Jobs liked things small. I recently read that he once had an aha moment while pondering the appeal of

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Two Smoothies

I clearly remember my first Jamba Juice. When I tasted that massively delicious fruity — and healthy! — concoction, I felt like I’d died and went to heaven. And then I got a stomach ache. That was when Jamba Juice only offered one size: behemoth. Nowadays they have smaller and less sugary options (The hefty Caribbean Passion drink

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Breakfast of Champions

The other morning, while I was trying to coax breakfast orders out of my groggy six- and nine-year-olds, my husband said, “When I was a kid, unless it was my birthday and I got to pick out a box of cereal, my mother never once asked me what I wanted for breakfast.” Now that I think of it,

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Now Offering Catering Services!

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What People Say
“If it wasn't for Bevin, I would still be eating Top Ramen straight from the pan! Once Bevin taught me the basics, a delicious meal became a piece of cake. Well, she taught me not to eat cake for dinner too.”

Carole, teacher, fun-loving mom of two
Boulder, Colorado