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Fuzzy Friends

After a long, hot summer and plenty of bad fruit (Seriously, is there anything as disappointing as a mealy peach?), it’s finally peach season in Colorado. Our really, truly delicious, worth-the-wait peaches come from the western slopes of the Rockies near Colorado’s peach capitol, Palisade. And I think they are some of the best anywhere. (If I have any Georgian readers

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Eat Like Erlingur

They live on a volcanic island just outside the Arctic Circle, but Icelanders as a group are some of the happiest (despite some long, dark winter months and the pesky economic collapse their country recently experienced) and healthiest (they have an average lifespan of 81, one of the longest anywhere) people on earth. I’m sure part of this can be attributed to living in a singularly beautiful place, year-round

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Basket Case

My first trip to the farmer’s market this spring was, ahem, somewhat fruitless. I bought a few Roma tomatoes and saw (but skipped) some sad-looking bok choy, but it’s generally still too early for local fruits and vegetables in the Rockies. So, this time of year, our farmer’s market is more like a gourmet food and crafts festival, which is still pretty fun. Everything is basically local, even if it’s

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What People Say
“Bevin's cooking class was both informative and delightful, While cooking a delicious meal, we had a lively discussion about important issues such as how to make healthy meals for our families on an ongoing basis.”

Kathleen, mother of two, avid golfer
Cherry Hills Village, Colorado