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Better Bunless Burgers

turkeyburgerThere’s something about eating a hamburger with a knife and fork that’s just wrong. Not that I haven’t done it. Plenty of times.

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Partly Paleo

paleo chickWhen I first heard about the Paleolithic Diet a couple years ago, I thought it was for hard-bodies (my CrossFit friends) and slightly deranged people only.

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What is Healthy Eating Anyway?

IMG_1324A few days ago I had the, ahem…pleasure of going to the grocery store with both my kids in tow. As any mom probably knows, I am using the word “pleasure” ironically. I know people with toddlers and preschoolers still have to do this, and I kind of enjoyed it when my kids were

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No Turkey Today

This here is an idea for something to eat the night before the big meal — or even tonight. And yes, it would make a lovely, if nontraditional, addition to your holiday lineup. If you’re into that kind of thing.

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Now Offering Catering Services!

If you're hosting a special party, birthday dinner, or baby shower and don't have the time or energy to plan and cook the meal, I can help! Get the scoop on my new small-event catering services Here!

What People Say
“It was so wonderful to be with a group learning to cook some easy yet delicious food. Bevin made it look very doable for everyday dinners!”

Ronit, very fit mother of three
Denver, Colorado