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I’m actually a pretty good cook. How can you help me?

That’s great! I actually work with a lot of people who are fantastic cooks. Some want inspiration to break out of a dinner rut. Some are looking for strategies to streamline their meal planning, shopping, and prepping. Others want a pantry purge to rid their house of foods that look and seem healthy but aren’t. You’ll be amazed at how just a few kitchen secrets and a little extra food knowledge can take your family dinners from good to great.


What if I’m a hopeless case and can’t even boil water?

Nobody is hopeless. Trust me, you can do this! I will teach you some basic skills and let you in on a few secrets that take a lot of the mystery out of cooking. I’ll also equip you with some really helpful meal-planning and shopping strategies to get you feeling like a pro in the kitchen.


Where do you hold your classes and consultations?

I am flexible. While I recommend we work together in your kitchen with the utensils, appliances, and space you normally work with, I am also happy to host your consultation or group class in my home. I live in central Denver.


I feel like I barely have time to pick up takeout, let alone cook from scratch. Can you help me save time?

Absolutely! Believe me, I’m in the same boat. My meal-planning and prep strategies will definitely help you save time while also creating delicious, healthy meals for your family.


My family is seriously pinching pennies right now. How can I afford organic food, let alone a kitchen consultant?

I know times are tough and nobody wants to be throwing money at things that aren’t important. In one short consultation session, I can teach you how to save money on food while still buying the safest and best quality. My strategies also help you reduce the amount of food you throw out and save you time, which, as they say, is money.


My kids have food allergies/serious food intolerances. Can you help me accommodate them?

Of course. All my programs are fully customized for your family. I am knowledgeable about food allergies and intolerances and can offer lots of strategies for dealing with them and have many creative ideas for substitutions.


My kids are the pickiest eaters in the world. Can you help make mealtimes less painful?

I’m afraid I have to disagree. Your kids are no pickier than mine. So, trust me when I tell you, I feel your pain and can definitely help on this front. Family meals should be fun, or at least not unpleasant. I have lots of kid-friendly recipes and sneaky tricks for turning even the pickiest kids into little foodies.


Won’t all this cooking and eating delicious food will make me gain weight?

I don’t think so. In fact you might even lose weight. Americans are not overweight because they eat too many fresh vegetables and homemade soups. Real, delicious food is more satisfying than processed junk, so you won’t be craving bowls of Lucky Charms before bed.


Do you make prepared meals that I can buy and bring home?

I don’t. While these services are great in a pinch, my goal is to help people with strategies and inspiration to create their own delicious meals at home.

Now Offering Catering Services!

If you're hosting a special party, birthday dinner, or baby shower and don't have the time or energy to plan and cook the meal, I can help! Get the scoop on my new small-event catering services Here!

What People Say
“Bevin has an amazing wealth of knowledge about eating healthy, and once you understand how simple it is to cook tasty food, you'll buy — and eat less processed food.”

Karin, marketing whiz, cyclist, sports fan, mom
Denver, Colorado