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Is “Gourmet” a Bad Word?

It’s a snow day today (well, actually they closed the school because it’s extremely cold outside, the logic of which is totally lost on me) so instead of writing a new post, I am deconstructing pillow forts and searching my cupboards for the marshmallows that I swore were in still there from last summer. I guess that if it’s cold enough for pillow forts and hot chocolate, it’s probably a good thing the kids didn’t have to sit inside their warm school all day, but I digress…

Of course I am hot chocolate snob, by the way, and this stuff is worth every dime.

So, instead of fresh content, here is a link to my latest post for Gaiam’s “Stream of Consciousness” blog. If it sounds a bit familiar, that’s because it’s a bit of a manifesto of mine. Enjoy and keep warm everyone.

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