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Reviews & Recommendations

“If it wasn’t for Bevin, I would still be eating Top Ramen straight from the pan! Bevin taught me the importance of sitting down to a real meal. To do that, I had to learn how to cook with what I have in the house or what’s fresh in the market, and which foods and spices belong together. Once Bevin taught me the basics, a delicious meal became a piece of cake. Well, she taught me not to eat cake for dinner too.”
— Carole, teacher and fun-loving mom of two
Boulder, Colorado


“Thanks for the tasty and nutritionally compelling ideas for weeknight family meals!”
Sharol, mom
Denver, Colorado


“Bevin’s knowledge about creating healthy but still very delicious, non-fussy food never ceases to amaze me. Her passion for making fresh meals in the easiest and most fun way possible has motivated me to try lots of new things, despite my long list of food allergies and desire for speed and convenience. I’ve taken stock of my kitchen in a refreshing new way. I’ve replaced many unhealthy containers and tools with new ones that totally delight me because she always knows the best ones to buy. (Yes, I’ve actually called her from the aisles of Bed, Bath & Beyond!) We’ve stocked our pantry with certain must-haves and even replaced those hand-to-mouth munch foods with totally guilt-free, fun-to-make alternatives. I especially love how she writes recipes. She’s so flexible in how she prepares things and makes everything sound so delicious and simple that I get new courage to try things I would not ordinarily do. Add in how many creative ideas she has and I am totally hooked. In fact, I read. and often print, every blog post she writes!”
Barb, career coach and health-conscious wife
Los Angeles, California


“Bevin was amazing! I hosted a cooking party for eight where Bevin taught us not only cooking techniques, but also food-and-wine pairings as well as nifty kitchen shortcuts that will help in my busy daily life. She made the evening fun, informative, and delicious!”
Michelle, management consultant, avid runner, and mother of two
Denver, Colorado


“Bevin has an amazing wealth of knowledge about eating healthy, and once you understand how simple it is to cook tasty food, you’ll buy — and eat less processed food.”
Karin, marketing whiz, cyclist, sports fan, mom
Denver, Colorado


“Bevin is so knowledgeable about food, and she makes it fun!”
Courtney, jewelry rep and mom of two
Denver, Colorado


“It was so wonderful to be with a group learning to cook some easy yet delicious food. Bevin made it look very doable for everyday dinners!
Ronit, very fit mother of three
Denver, Colorado


“Class was really fun and full of great ideas for feeding my family good, healthy, real food. Thanks Bevin!”
Audrey, mother of three, tennis ace
Cherry Hills Village, Colorado


“I learned so much and now understand how you can ‘go organic’ without breaking the bank.”
Christa, mom
Denver, Colorado


“Bevin does such a great job imparting knowledge and cooking simultaneously. Well done!”
Ellen, nutritionist, mom of active twin boys
Midland, Texas


“Bevin is great at taking complicated food information and paring it down to applicable, take-home advice I can use every day.”
Robyn, musician, mom
Denver, Colorado


“Bevin’s cooking class was both informative and delightful, While cooking a delicious meal, we had a lively discussion about important issues such as how to make healthy meals for our families on an ongoing basis.”
Kathleen, mother of two, avid golfer
Cherry Hills Village, Colorado


“Bevin is great and teaches you how to simplify weeknight meals that are delicious and beautiful! She incorporates vegetables into meals that are kid friendly as well.”
Jenn, football mom
Denver, Colorado

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What People Say
“Bevin is so knowledgeable about food, and she makes it fun!”

Courtney, fashionable jewelry rep, mom of two
Denver, Colorado