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Sweet Freedom

Remember how you felt as a kid on the last day of school? I was almost surreal, right? I mean, three months — THREE MONTHS! — of vacation is too long to even get your head around really. Now, as a mom, my feelings aren’t that different. I get choked up and kind of giddy when the kids come running out and the summer stretches before us with seemingly limitless possibilities — and seemingly endless time to do it all. I know the boredom and bickering will set in soon enough, but today I’m relishing the downtime and freedom. I like to imagine us having time to get reacquainted with the backyard and neighbor kids, time for trips to the library and farmers’ market, time to play around in the kitchen, and much more time to make — and eat — fun treats.

Speaking of treats, these Noosa Yoghurt pops are incredible and so easy to make they barely count as a blog post. But the idea just needs to be shared. If you haven’t tried Noosa — just about the creamiest, most delicious substance on the planet (and, yes I’ve tried Cherry Garcia)  — you need to. Today. It’s made here in Colorado with milk from a local dairy farm, but I know it’s available at least as far away as California (I turned an LA-based friend on to it last time she was here, and, thankfully, she can now find it a the Trader Joe’s by her house; otherwise I’d be shipping it to her.). I like the raspberry and blueberry, but all the flavors are amazing.

When I first discovered Noosa, I ate it like I normally eat yogurt — with fruit, cereal, etc. as breakfast. But, really, Noosa should be treated as a treat. A relatively healthy treat but still a treat. And — I know this might be hard to believe — it’s even better frozen than it is right out of the container. All you need to make these pops is a container of Noosa and some pop molds. If you don’t have pop molds, you can also freeze the yogurt in small cups for frozen-yogurt treats. The only thing you have to do is stir the Noosa first to mix in the fruit and freeze. I know it’s kinda pricey, but no more so than a box of Dove Bars.

I hope you enjoy these in the backyard, perhaps while dumping the math workbooks in the recycling bin.

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  • Chris says:

    Sounds yummy! Where can I find this yogurt in Colorado?

    • Bevin says:

      You can find it at Whole Foods for sure, and I’ve also seen it at Safeway and King Soopers. You will love it! If you do freeze it in cups, let it thaw a bit before eating because it gets pretty solid — perfect for pops!

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