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One Delicious Summer

I know the summer isn’t over, and I hope you all have many more adventures (food related and otherwise) to look forward to. But I wanted to share a few things I discovered that might be of use to you if you happen to be fortunate enough to have access to a beach house any time soon (or a decent fish market).

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Falling for Fennel

fennelSo, this came in my organic box last week. And yes, I know what it is, thank you very much. I do like fennel (even though its licorice taste reminds me of Good & Plenty). But that didn’t keep the poor thing from languishing in my veggie basket for almost a week.

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Zucchini with Feta

In my house, zucchini isn’t officially “disgusting,” but it isn’t going to win any popularity contests either. I happen to love the stuff, but even I have to admit it needs some dolling up. And since it’s so plentiful this time of year, I seem to devote an inordinate amount of

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In Defense of Roast Chicken

When I told my friends I was going to see Michael Pollan at the Paramount Theater last week, one of them asked if he was the lead singer for the Killers and another said that seemed like an odd venue for a book signing. I agree it was a bit random to pay money for tickets for what is essentially a stop on a writer’s promotional tour — a writer who is not JK Rowling! — but Michael Pollan is a rock star to some of us.

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