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Green Beans, No “Cream-Of-Anything” Soup Required

Maybe it’s just me and my obsession with balanced meals, but I really feel like Thanksgiving needs a green vegetable. After all, this is a meal where “salad” is a dish containing marshmallows.

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My Mom’s Waldorf

It has never made any sense to me why all the food and lifestyle magazines devote their November issues to Thanksgiving menu ideas. With pimped-out photos of turkeys on the cover, they fill their precious feature pages with recipes for creative side dishes and newfangled pumpkin pie–themed desserts. Perhaps their market research shows that people want new Thanksgiving recipes, but I kinda doubt that’s true. I have no solid

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What People Say
“It was so wonderful to be with a group learning to cook some easy yet delicious food. Bevin made it look very doable for everyday dinners!”

Ronit, very fit mother of three
Denver, Colorado